Not All Heroes
Wear Capes…
Thank You!

By ONE Family

Thank you so very much to all of the superheroes that work hard to protect us every day!!

Once upon a time, the world was alive and really, really busy.

People met in coffee shops and drank a lot of coffee. Teachers taught in classrooms and played with us at recess.

Families got together for big, fun birthday parties, and we hugged our friends to say ‘hello.’We were so busy playing on playgrounds, and our only fear was that the sun would go down too fast!But our world got sick, and everyone started to act differently.
Mom and dad couldn’t really go outside, and we all wore funny masks.
Even Bruno, our dog, stares out the window wanting to play.Do you know what the world needs?The world needs superheroes. My grandpa just told me that we don’t have to worry!There are heroes out there, making sure the planet gets better.Grandpa told me these heroes are medical workers, people who work in grocery stores, delivery services and really, really nice people doing things for others.How lucky are we that we live in this world?


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